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Has anyone done this before? Is it possible? Let me explain a bit more: If an order costs $100 the user can decide to pay $50 with one card, $20 with a second card and $30 with another (This is because for an event the host can place an order for different people that are not users yet and allow them to pay their part with their card). I thought about a custom payment processor or simply splitting the cart into different "virtual" orders and do a checkout on each of them but this seems rather hackish. I've found no information on the mailing list other than this project that seems to have deviated from the satchmo way of doing things. Thanks!

EDIT: Or to make things a bit simpler: How do I send payment on command?

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your solution sounds like the only way to do it. it's probably the best, since you'll want a record of each "order" for refunds + tracking, no? –  FlavorScape Jun 8 '12 at 21:25
The "virtual order" one is the one I'm building but my boss does not like it because he can see different orders in the django admin (which makes sense because of exactly what you're saying) so I was wondering if somebody knew how to split the payment on a single order to accomodate my boss' requirements. –  actionAxolot Jun 8 '12 at 21:44

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