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I need to open a remote terminal on a windows server, I have to do a ssh tunnel to connect, and I can open a graphical remote desktop from my windows computer with the following:


However I neet to get a remote terminal on the remote server with my local computer. I've done the ssh tunnel with a java library, so the last step is get the remote terminal, I tried with telnet, however when i put localhost, telnet tries to connect to my computer.

I tried to using the remote server's hostname and nothing. Other thing that I did is using the psexec utility with the sintaxix:

psexec \\hostname-server cmd
psexec \\localhost:3260 cmd

But I got errors.

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If you are using psexec from the Microsoft SystemInternals, you can use the lowest common denominator, which is to use the IP address of the remote host and the full command path of the Windows console. So if your ip address for the remote host is, your command needs to be:

psexec \\  c:\\windows\system32\cmd
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