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I have searched many places including this resource to find any examples of how to export my DB table in a CSV format. Any ideas or suggestions please. I want to do this by code , not with a shell script. I already have code that exports the DB as a backup, now I want to export the table contents so they can be viewed in a spreadsheet application.

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I think this has already been answered here: Export from sqlite to csv using shell script

If that doesn't work try editing the question to be more specific.

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There's no direct way of doing this.

You'll need to query the table (example, "SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE") then use the getColumnNames() method of the Cursor to get a String[] of the column names which you can then use with a StringBuilder to create the first line of the csv file, example...


You then move through the Cursor and cycle through the column names array and get the value for each column...


...and pass the string returned to a StringBuilder to concatenate the values to write to the file...


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