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I need a way to store data with some encryption on prefs

String myData="ciao";
String pwd="pleaseDontRead"; 
String encrypted;
prefs = getSharedPreferences( name , MODE_WORLD_WRITABLE)
editor.putString("data" , encrypted)

would you suggest some algorythm ? data is usally less than 100B ( lets say it all, its a magic word) , pwd is an ordinary password is this way correct? i mean, this way superuser cannot see the plain data i hope. kind kiss!

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You cannot stop the user from accessing data on her own device. Whatever encryption algorithm you use will be defeated in minutes or hours, because the algorithm and the decryption key are available for anyone to see. If you do not want users to see the data, do not store it on the user's device. –  CommonsWare Jun 8 '12 at 22:26
Ok, lets say its a risk I wanna take, i don't wanna defeat any user. Just the common user :) . Moreover, pwd i will use is unique for user. So your reply is ...? –  pirataJoe Jun 8 '12 at 23:07

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