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I have a predefined excel file which is a kind of form where most of the information is already mentioned but I have to just enter the Name, Address, etc details from my application made in Java.

I can store the cell (like A12, B20, etc) and update those cells using Apache POI libraries and methods easily. But I want it to be dynamic. Like if the users changes the name cell from A12 to B12, the Java code should not be modified.

Is there a way we can store some vaiable name in the excel cell and update the value of that cell from Java ?

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You can use CellReference

String sUserInput = "A1"; // A1 or whatever
CellReference ref = new CellReference (sUserInput);
ref.getRow ();
ref.getCol ();
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Thanks @LiuYan for the response. But I dont want the sUserInput = "A1" all the time. If the customer changes the template of the excel file(like change the field for total of the A column from A50 to A51), then there should not be any change in the java code. – darsheets Jun 11 '12 at 17:29

You can write a cron job to read the excel file with a particular intervel and compare the cells values with the previous values.

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