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Is it possible to run a windows xp bat script remotely from a ubuntu machine via command line?

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This really belongs on Serverfault – Tim Post Jul 8 '09 at 2:13

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This is possible if you have an ssh server running on the WinXP machine. It is trivial to set up such a server if you have installed Cygwin. This is well described here.

Then from an Ubuntu command line (or cron job) you run

ssh user@winxp command

Make sure your .bat has executable permissions.

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I think that the technology you are after is WMI. I see that there is an ubuntu package called wmi-client, which you can sudo apt-get install and attempt to you. Some quick searches and I'm unable to find details, but maybe that will get you somewhere....

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You would probably use something like remote desktop, and if you did it that way, it would work, but your question isn't very specific

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Please see this Server Fault question an its accepted answer.

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