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I did everything as needed, yet my 'remember me' token is not set. I tracked the code until the part in /vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Security/Http/RememberMe/TokenBasedRememberMeService.php where the cookie is set

        new Cookie(

When I do a dump of $response->headers, the cookies part looks like this:

["cookies":protected]=> array(1) { [""]=> array(1) { ["/"]=> array(1) { ["REMEMBERME"]=> object(Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Cookie)#753 (7) { ["name":protected]=> string(10) "REMEMBERME" ["value":protected]=> string(176) "V2Vic3BpblxVc2VyQnVuZGxlXEVudGl0eVxVc2VyOmJXRmliMmRwWlVCbmJXRnBiQzVqYjIwPToxMzM5MjQ5Mjc5OmJjY2QxMWYxNGNkZmQxZmI5ZTNjOTBhYTBiMTEyNjEwYzdkMWYxOGYwYWQzMmMzYmJhYzZlODM3Yjc0Nzc3Mjk=" ["domain":protected]=> NULL ["expire":protected]=> int(1339249279) ["path":protected]=> string(1) "/" ["secure":protected]=> bool(false) ["httpOnly":protected]=> bool(true) } } } } 

The cookies array first element's key is empty. Is that correct?

And if that's correct, why is the cookie not set?

edit: My security.yml:

        pattern: ^/
            provider: fos_userbundle
            login_path: fos_user_security_login 
            check_path: fos_user_security_check 
            path:        _security_logout
            target:      _welcome
        anonymous:    true
            key:      "%secret%"
            lifetime: 36000
            path:     /
            domain:   ~

If you need any more information, let me know.

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We need your security.yml. –  Elnur Abdurrakhimov Jun 9 '12 at 5:37

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Ok I got this fixed.

The reason had to do with my interactiveloginlistener. I listened to succesful logins, yet before the headers were sent I redirected with a new RedirectResponse, which of course didn't include the cookies.


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