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I'm creating a program that takes input on the tasks name, the file that it executes, and when. I found sample code from Microsoft here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa384042%28v=vs.85%29 and I'm using it.

I don't know how to use user input when when naming the task:

//  ------------------------------------------------------
//  Create a name for the task.
LPCWSTR wszTaskName = L"Weekly Trigger Task";

I've been trying something along the lines of:

//  ------------------------------------------------------
//  Create a name for the task.
LPCWSTR wszTaskName = L<<taskname;

Does anyone know? Thanks, -Chris

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If you mean from a console application then you can use the gets() function (or its Visual Studio Unicode equivalent _getws()).

WSTR wszTaskName[256];
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