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I need to make efficient d-dimensional points searching and also make efficient k-NN queries of a point in d-dimension. Therefore i require an R-Tree library. I require a library which will build the R-Tree structure, which i can use to query whenever needed.

Also i need to have some library like that of METIS or hMETIS, although my application does not involve hypergraphs. My requirement is to find the min cut set of a graph which divides the graph in roughly two equal sized graphs.

The thing is i would require libraries which support these in R.

I have found a library RANN, which has kd-tree based k-NN queries, but the problem is that either i have to make all the k-NN queries at once and store the results in a huge array, or need to call the function (nn or nn2) every time i need, which defeates the O(n lg n) retrieval growth of time.

Can anyone tell me if there is any such libraries in R?

Note: I would require the R-Tree library for implementing clustering algorithms efficiently, and the graph partition library would be required to implement the CHAMELEON clustering algorithm.

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After some study on R and its libraries i think it is better to get the required libraries or make my own code in C or C++ and then use it through the .C() or .Call() R to C language interface.

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