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For some reason, I am not able to create a Java object that implements a user-defined interface.

I tried creating a Java object that implements a pre-defined interface and it worked fine.

My interface:

public interface Speak 
    public void sayHello();

My Class:

public class myPerson 
implements Speak
    public myPerson(String arg_firstName, int arg_age)
        firstName = arg_firstName;
        age = arg_age;

    public String firstName;
    public int age;

    public void sayHello() {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub

For my class to work in eclipse, I had to export my interface as a .jar file, then I added it to the project libraries - and it worked just fine.

My Matlab file:



driver_1 = myPerson('Bob', 39);

The error that I'm getting is:

Undefined function or variable 'myPerson'.

If I remove the implements interface, I can create the object just fine.

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I don't know Matlab but I know Java. myParson is not an object, it's a class type. So in Matlab, you might have to declare an object or variable of type myPerson. The compiler seems to hint that. –  The Original Android Jun 9 '12 at 6:28
@TheOriginalAndroid, I actually just tried aioobe's answer and it worked perfectly. –  Roronoa Zoro Jun 9 '12 at 6:31

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I suggest you try

javaclasspath({'/path/to/Speak.jar', '/path/to/myPerson.jar'});

(You need both Speak.jar and myPerson.jar on the classpath to instantiate a myPerson.)

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