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hey i am new in cake php. I want to use one model in another model then we can user $uses method. this method is very easy. we can also do the same thing with App::import('Controller', 'Users'); ? if yes then tell me how ?

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Yes you can but not with the $uses property as the Model doesn't have one.

Take a look at this definition of $uses:
An array containing the class names of models this controller uses.

So what this means is that $uses is a Controller property, not a Model one.

Now using one model's functionality in another is possible of course. That is what Model Associations are for. For example if you have the following:
Recipe belongsTo User and the opposite association (for e.g.): User hasMany Recipe (A user can have multiple recipes.) from both of these models you would be able to call the other's methods with:
From the User model: $this->Recipe->find('all'); will do a find on the recipes table. Any custom methods defined in the other model can also be called.

If two models do not have a association defined you can do "on the fly" binding. You can read all about these capabilities in the CakePHP Book - 1.3 or 2.x.

And a friendly advice - I see you posting this question with the cakephp1.3 tag, If you are new I would strongly recommend starting to learn CakePHP 2.x because this version:
1. is the newest
2. has the most "object approach"
3. is the one that will be developed even more (not that 1.3 is not being maintained or anything)

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