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I'd like to have 3 sets of layouts and 3 sets of drawables for 480x854, 540x960, and 720x1280.

How would I go about naming my resource folders to accomodate this?

thanks in advance

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How about drawable-normal(480x854), drawable-large(540x960), drawable-xlarge(720x1280)?

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The three sets of drawables can be placed under the resources directory [res] in the following folders res/drawable-hdpi, res/drawable-ldpi and res/drawable-mdpi .

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ldpi, mdpi, hdpi are for resolution, not for size, A small size device can have high resolution(hdpi) ex sony xperia and same way large size device can have low resolution(mdpi) ex. macromax Funbook. –  hotveryspicy Jun 9 '12 at 7:31

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