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I'm trying to understand and use this Double-Array Trie implementation. However,i can seem to understand the analogy between the theoretical implementation they present and the code.
To be precise, the following is the main Trie structure used:

struct _Trie {
AlphaMap   *alpha_map;
DArray     *da;
Tail       *tail;

Bool        is_dirty;

If anyone has used this implementation, can you please provide a high level explanation of the use of the following structures and the relation to the double array concept regarding base and check arrays. Expecially the AlphaMap.

Thanks in advance,

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libdatrie translates unicode characters to compact internal representation; you have to define a list of allowed ranges while creating a trie. alpha_map is a linked list of character ranges.

da is a Double-Array structure. It contains base and check arrays.

tail is a data structure used for storing non-branching suffixes (see "Suffix Compression").

is_dirty is a flag that is set to TRUE if the trie is not stored to disk yet or if it was changed after loading from disk.

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