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I am trying to display an image into UIImageView through this method NSData.FromArray() but it gives an null reference exception my code is the following:

Byte _imgData = GetRawData(_imgPath);  // this method get the byte array of size ([131072]) 
NSData _data = NSData.FromArray(_imgData);
ImgView.Image = UIImage.LoadFromData(_data) //in this _data shows the byte array value but the ImgView.Image shows null 

Byte array get the RLE Compress data.

ImgView.Image = UIImage.LoadFromData(_data)

_data is RLE compress byte data I don't know how I can convert it to IOS supported image format. It gives an error, any suggestions to solve this issue?

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UIImage.Load* methods will return null if the data (be it a NSData or a filename) is invalid and/or the format is unknown to UIImage.

You'll likely need to use a lower level API to provide some data (e.g. width, height, depth) about any RAW data. Once that's done you can construct an UIImage on top of it.

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check this stackoverflow.com/questions/10991067/… – user1421044 Jun 13 '12 at 13:27

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