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I am writing a mobile application (iOS first, Android later) that I plan to integrate with various services (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc).

What is the best way to proceed?

My first option is to have the mobile application directly consume REST apis from each of the services (I suspect a lot of first party apps, such as the FaceBook iOS app, are built like this).

My second option is to have the mobile application talk to a new REST service that I build, and my REST service will talk to the REST apis from each of the services separately. There are some advantages to this approach - if my service isn't blocked in countries like China, I can cross post to FaceBook. I believe the Foursquare app is built this way (Foursquare users in China can cross post checkins to their Facebook wall, since the connection to Facebook is made from Foursquare servers located outside of China, not the mobile App in China).

What do other apps, such as Instagram, do? Do you guys have experience with either architecture and can comment on the pros and cons? My biggest worry with #2 is how to authenticate, and it's hard to find documents or samples that show how to connect the pieces together.

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I don't know if it can fit all of your issues, but based on your explanation about your implementation case, I can recommend the Spring for Android framework, as it offers REST templates and an OAuth mechanism to log in through several social websites (i.g. Twitter or Facebook). Also, it has good docummentations and a nice community size. Hope it helped in some way.

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I looked through Spring, which is helpful, but it doesn't really help with determine the correct architecture :) – tng Jun 10 '12 at 9:51

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