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I have a set of radio buttons within a div (parent1) that is shown or hidden via javascript according to other settings on the page.

<div class="parent1">
<input type="radio" name="legal_14" id="legal_14a" value="1" class="legal_14"/> <label for="legal_14a">option 1</label><br/>
<input type="radio" name="legal_14" id="legal_14b" value="2" class="legal_14"/> <label for="legal_14b">option 2</label><br/>
<input type="radio" name="legal_14" id="legal_14c" value="3" class="legal_14"/> <label for="legal_14c">option 3</label><br/>
<span class="val-error"></span><br/>

I only want to validate the radio buttons when they are visible. So I have a dependency-callback to handle this situation like thus:

 "legal_14": {
  required: function() {if (!$('.parent1').is(':visible')) {console.log(false); return false;} else if ($("input[name='legal_14']:checked").length > 0) {console.log(false); return false;} else {console.log(true); return true;}}},
errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
success: function(label) {

So this works just fine for displaying the error message under the correct circumstances (i.e. when the buttons are visible, but not clicked). The problem is that once I select one of the radio buttons, the console.log properly returns false, but the error message does not go away. I have a similar dependency callback elsewhere that doesn't depend on visibility that works just fine. What am I doing wrong?

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Based on what I understand, this should work:

    // do validation 

   // return message 
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That's basically what I am doing, except I am also checking whether one of the checkboxes is actually checked. I get the correct return value from my function, it just doesn't seem to clear the error message. – oiler_no11 Jun 9 '12 at 14:02

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