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Is there any folder like res/drawable for mp3 or generally audio files? If yes, what is it and how can I get access to it from the app?

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The best place to put such .mp3 or any other files would be in the assets folder.

These files once stored will become a part of your android app itself and can be read easily. This tutorial desscribes it well.

 AssetFileDescriptor afd = getAssets().openFd("AudioFile.mp3");
 player = new MediaPlayer();

Alternatively you can also store it in the raw folder and read it diractly by specifying the path as the raw folder. this can be player as

int resID=getResources().getIdentifier(fname, "raw", getPackageName());
MediaPlayer mediaPlayer=MediaPlayer.create(this,resID);
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Assets or RAW ? just let me know a specific answer –  Dwivedi Ji Feb 5 at 7:07

you can use either raw folder or asset folder........

for raw refer this

How to play the audio files directly from res/raw folder?

for asset refer this code

save audio file in raw or assets folder to sdcard android

also refer

difference between Asset & Raw

Android: difference between res and assets directory

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Place it into your assets folder. Preferably under assets/raw/myfile.mp3 You can access it using:

String mp3File = "raw/music.mp3";
AssetManager assetMan = getAssets();
MediaPlayer media = new MediaPlayer();
FileInputStream mp3Stream = assetMan.openFd(mp3File).createInputStream();
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This is not working. Perhaps assets/ should be removed from the path. –  Mohammad Moghimi Jun 24 '12 at 18:25
you are correct –  Zaid Daghestani Jun 25 '12 at 17:13

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