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I am trying to update an array element in a document, but i want to be able to control which element(s) dynamically, so this works:

var doc = Collection.findOne({...});  
Collection.update({_id: doc._id}, {$set: {"field.1.subfield": 10}});  

But I want to be able to pass a javascript variable to the 1 of the "field.1.subfield"

Please help! Thanks

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1 Answer

This should do the trick, parse an object to $set.

var n = {};
n['field.'+i+'.subfield'] = 10;
Collection.update({_id: doc._id}, {$set:n});

Ping us back if you have issues with it.

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yes, that does indeed do the trick, thank you very much –  Terrymj Jun 12 '12 at 6:06
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