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I have been using Bundles in MVC to pack all script and CSS together which is great but.... Is there any way to include script or css from resources in a shared project library in a Bundle, or does anyone know of something similar to bundles that can do this?

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Hi, there. Did you get a solution for this ? – Captain0 Jul 26 '12 at 6:15

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I would probably start out writing a custom bundle transform class to read the resources you need and return their content and content type:

public class ResourceTransform : IBundleTransform
    public void Process(BundleContext context, BundleResponse response)
        string result;

        using (Stream stream = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()
            using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(stream))
                result = reader.ReadToEnd();

        response.ContentType = "text/css";
        response.Content = result;

For production use you probably want to make the ResourceTransform class a little bit less hardcoded and send the resources you want as params or properties, but you get the idea.

That way you can add this bundle to your collection:

Bundle resources = new Bundle("~/css/resources");
    resources.Transforms.Add(new ResourceTransform());
    resources.Transforms.Add(new CssMinify());

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