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I have a problem displaying non-ASCII characters in Matplotlib, these characters are rendered as small boxes instead of a proper font, it looks like (I filled these boxes with red paint to hightlight them):

Here is the image showing the problem

How do I fix it?

A related question is Accented characters in Matplotlib.

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This problem may actually have a couple of different causes:

The default font does not include these glyphs

You may change the default font using the following (before any plotting is done!)

  matplotlib.rc('font', family='Arial')

In some versions of matplotlib you'll have te set family:

  matplotlib.rc('font', **{'sans-serif' : 'Arial',
                           'family' : 'sans-serif'})

(Note that because sans-serif contains a hyphen inside the **{} syntax, it is actually necessary.)

The first command changes the sans-serif font family to contain only one font (in my case it was Arial), the second sets the default font family to sans-serif.

Other options are included in the documentation.

You have improperly created/passsed string objects into Matplotlib

Even if the font contains proper glyphs, if you forgot to use u to create Unicode constants, Matplotlib will have this behaviour:

  plt.xlabel("Średnia odległość między stacjami wsparcia a modelowaną [km]")

So you need to add u:

  plt.xlabel(u"Średnia odległość między stacjami wsparcia a modelowaną [km]")

Another cause is that you forgot to put a UTF-8 magic comment on top of the file (I read that this might be the source of the problem):

 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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According to the docs, you can directly pass a font name rather than a family. This works for me: matplotlib.rc('font', family='DejaVu Sans') – Lekensteyn Jun 16 '14 at 22:06
This is definetely better syntax! I'll leave the old one in case it was actually neccessary for some kind of ancient matplotlib version. – jb. Jun 16 '14 at 23:02

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