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I have a class a class named Foo and Foo contains Model. I am doing a ko.applyBinding on Foo. The Foo class has a function which retrieves JSON from server and then I do:

 self.Model = ko.mapping.fromJS(result);

where self is instance of Foo and result is JSON. This works 1st time. However, when 2nd item I retrieve data from server it just doesn't work.

But if the above line to:

 self.Model = ko.mapping.fromJS(result, {}, self);

it works.

Can anybody tell me why is the 1st one not working and 2nd one works?

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Have you checked the developer console for errors? –  Jesse Jun 9 '12 at 14:34
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Your second line should be:

ko.mapping.fromJS(result, {}, self.Model);
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