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I am new to Java EE and developing first Java EE login application using netbeans 7.1.2. I have db table & entity named 'Users' with few naded queries, a session bean 'UsersFacade' containing persistance unit, and method named 'authenticaate' below is code

public Users authenticate(String login_id, String pwd) {       
    Users user = (Users) em.createNamedQuery("Users.authenticate")
            .setParameter("login_name", login_id) 
            .setParameter("password", pwd)

finally i have jsf managed bean which is sessionscoped containing two local members login_name and password, jsf page login.xhtml is bound with these fields, this bean also has authenticate method which in turn calls session bean 'UserFacade' authenticate message

    public class Login implements Serializable {
        private String login_name;
        private String password;

        private Users user;
        private @EJB UsersFacade user_services;

        public String authenticate() {
            user = user_services.authenticate(this.getLogin_name(),this.getPassword());
            if (user != null){            
                return "home";
            } else {
                FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                context.addMessage("login", new FacesMessage("Invalid UserName and Password"));
                return "login";

every thing works fine till this point. However, on home page i want to display all data members of users table so that i can modify values and save record. in home page i coded like:

                <h:outputText value="Welcome #{login.user.login_name}" />

assuming i have declared user (entity) in managed bean and i should be able to access property of entity but when i run application, i get following error:

The class 'controller.Login' does not have the property 'user'

can any one suggest what i am doing wrong and what is ideal way of binding jsf page with managed bean if i have 3 different implementations for 1 managed bean (3 different user interface for 3 different role/types of users). I am using JPA (entity,session) & JSF managed bean. Thank you so much.

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The class 'controller.Login' does not have the property 'user'

You will get this error when there is no getter method for the mentioned property in the mentioned class. Make sure that you have supplied a valid getter method.

public Users getUser() {
    return user;
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thank you, i realize my mistake. –  user1445209 Jun 9 '12 at 11:57

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