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When a touch_down is detected in android, a touch_up is automatically fired after a while (the time is depending on the hardware) I guess this is for security reason. In my app, on touch_up events, some actions are done, and I would like NOT to do them on these automatic touch_up events.

Do you know : - if it is possible to get rid of them (the OS not sending them to my view) ? - or do you have an idea to detect that an action_up is from this kind (automatic) and not actually from the user really lifting his finger ?


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While it is certainly possible that some devices do this, I have experienced no such thing and I happen to have several android devices from many manufacturers. Do you have any documentation on this? –  Fuzzical Logic Jun 9 '12 at 11:38
thanks for your answer. i dont have any doc on this.but if you try the multitouch tester on google play you will experience this. just press the screen and wait for 20 seconds or so.i have a motorola xoom –  facewindu Jun 9 '12 at 11:54
Oh, believe me. This isn't an answer... just a comment. I wrote a custom launcher that does perpetual touch sensing. After reading this question, I tested it on all of my devices for up to 2 minutes and got no such result. Are you sure its not simply implemented that way in the tester app? Maybe one of the fantastic experts here can elaborate on this? –  Fuzzical Logic Jun 9 '12 at 11:59
ok, then it gives me hope ! The thing is that I just logged the received events, without any treatment at all and I get this touch_up from the OS. If you don't experience this, it either comes from your devices that don't send the event, or you coded somthing to prevent it to happen (but tyou would know :) ) –  facewindu Jun 9 '12 at 12:15
another example using the os itself : pressan icon on the screen. it becomes highlighted so that you canmove it. if you wait for 20 secondz or so, the icon becomes unselected again ... –  facewindu Jun 9 '12 at 14:18

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AFter discussion with a developer from Motorola, the problem comes from Motorola. They implemented something on top of the android framework to prevent touch event to be stuck. ... There is nothing that can be done about that ...

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