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I'm completely new to Java and learning it coming from a C# background.

I have Eclipse installed as my IDE of choice currently; and I've tried to set up the 'Content Assist' so that it works like Intellisense in Visual Studio; i.e it pops up as soon as I start typing anything.

However, I've noticed that it irritatingly appends things on the end of my field names when I press the semicolon key. For example, if I type:

private String firstName

Then when I add the semicolon (provided I'm fast enough), I get this:

private String firstNameString;

Is there some way to turn that off? I couldn't see any way in the preferences.

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Check your eclipse's key bindings. I suppose you set it to complete a word automatically when a semicolon is matched. –  jaselg Jun 9 '12 at 13:29
The only key binding under Word Completion is Alt+/... –  Motig Jun 9 '12 at 13:43

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I spoke to someone in the Eclipse IRC channel and was told that this functionality can't be disabled. In fact, for people like me who are used to C# and VS's Intellisense, there is no real solution.

The only two options are:

1: To revert to the standard option of having the Content Assist list pop up only when you press '.' (though it can be opened manually with Ctrl+Space at any time, I don't like having to do this extra combo every time, especially for a learner)

2: Keep it like intellisense but put up with Eclipse autocompleting field names whenever I enter a semicolon.

To be honest, neither option seems satisfactory, so I'd suggest trying other IDEs for Visual Studio fans looking to migrate, like me.

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Don't know how to set up the Content Assist Eclipse feature to work like the VS intellisense, but, in Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Content Assist > Advanced, there are 2 list, if you uncheck "Java Proposals" in both of them and check "Java Type Proposals", you should fix the type name suffix auto insertion problem.

enter image description here

Also, you could try NetBeans, it is a based java IDE with good Autocompletion capabilities (it also could show documentation alongside autocompletion and insert code templates as Visual Assist does)

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Thanks for the tip; I tried what you said and it is marginally better but the assist seems to think that whenever I press an 'operator' key (such as .,(); =+-/) that I want to accept the first highlighted option in the list, which is the problem. In Visual Studio only ENTER or TAB will accept an option in the list; and if I could make eclipse do that it would be great, but there's apparently no option. Nonetheless, thanks for your help. –  Motig Jun 11 '12 at 18:03
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I found the answer after about a year of Java: Use IDEA.

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