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I have a string like this : 84.10234, -9.23941 and I want to parse it to 2 double variable like this:

Double Lat = 84.10234
Double Lon = -9.23941

How could I parse it? Thanks for helping.

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What have you tried? –  Oliver Charlesworth Jun 9 '12 at 12:13
u give me - point without u help me solves my problem. funny is it? –  DevYudh Jun 9 '12 at 12:39
By the way, I retagged it because it does not concern Android specifically. While not exact duplicates, you can actually find several other examples around SO dealing with splitting strings in Java. –  Luca Geretti Jun 9 '12 at 12:40
I found many examples. but that does not solve my problem and the output I get from it is something strange. I finally found the one from my code. String[] splitCoord = GPS_NAME.split(","); GPS_NAME store data string on the Placemark instead of latitude and longitude coordinates. sorry, this small error is making me stress. I have 3 days 4 nights in front of the laptop and only accompanied by a snack and music. This makes my mind messed up –  DevYudh Jun 9 '12 at 13:10

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Something along the lines of

String joinedCoord = "84.10234, -9.23941";
String[] splitCoord = joinedCoord.split(", ");

Double lat = Double.valueOf(splitCoord[0]);
Double lon = Double.valueOf(splitCoord[1]);

would do the trick.

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Java API for primitives follow a common pattern: a wrapper type for most primitives XYZ define parseXYZ returning an instance of the primitive type:

int a = Integer.parseInt("123);
double d = Double.parseDouble("123.456");
float f = Float.parseFloat("12.34");
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Double lat = Double.valueOf(string);

This here should do it for you



Double lat = Double.parseDouble(string); 


Because you have your string all in one you should really have something to split these up so like

String location = "84.10234, -9.23941";
String[] latLon = location.split(", ");

Double lat = Double.valueOf(latLon[0]);
Double lon = Double.valueOf(latLon[1]);
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To convert a String object to a double primitive value parseDouble method of Double class.

 double d = Double.parseDouble(str);

Use valueOf method of Double class.

Double dObj2 = Double.valueOf(str);

or Constructs a new Double from the specified string.

Double d = new Double(str)

as per updated question

String[] strArray= str.split(", ");
if(null!=strArray && strArray.lenght>1){
   double d1 = Double.parseDouble(strArray[0]);
   double d2 = Double.parseDouble(strArray[1]);
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