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I want to change the paper(objects base) size of Raphael to fit the window resizing. [ using Firefox_13.0, Raphael_2.1.0, WindowsXP ]

If it is available, I would like to fit full-screen-mode.



I created the paper : paper = Raphael(0, 50, 800, 600); // initial width and height are 800 and 600.

I placed objects on the paper.

The window size of browser is checked by windowW = window.innerWidth and winnowH = window.innerHeight (on Firefox).

Scaling value is calculated by sv = windowW/800;

And scaling the paper by paper.scale(sv, sv);


(the script)

window.onload = function () {

paper = Raphael(0, 50, 800, 600);   
var background = paper.rect(0, 0, 800, 600).attr({fill:'#669999'});

// placing the objects
var circle = ...;
var rect = ...;
var ellipse = ...;

winowW = window.innerWidth;
winowH = window.innerHeight;
sv = winowW/800.

paper.scale(sv, sv);




Though circle.scale(sv), rect.scale(sv, sv) and ellipse.scale(sv, sv) are valid, paper.scale(sv, sv) and background.scale(sv, sv) are not.

Why this case is happen ? I can get the window size by window.onresize = function() {...} on real-time. If there are better methods, please tell me.


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I've succeeded by following two points:

1) "paper" itself is not manipulative object. I think we should look it as billboard.

2) use st = paper.set() and put the objects(circle, rect, ...) in it. And use st.scale(sv, sv, 0, 0);

* third and fourth parameter (0, 0) are very impotent.


Serial resizing operation is not good for the function "scale()". Because each of resizing coefficient is piled as the power of a number. So when one have done 1.1 times resizing operation 5 times, the scale will be 1.1^5.

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Use setViewBox()

It should do the work http://raphaeljs.com/reference.html#Paper.setViewBox

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