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Can anyone please help me in converting the below nant script to MsBuild Script?

http://localhost//Tupe path="${triad_web_src_code.dir}\T.csproj" />

If it is not a web solution then I need not map the solution & the msbuild could be like this :

But this is not working for Web project. So please help...

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			  WebSiteName="$(DefaultWebSiteName)" AppCreate="True" /

Should be what your looking for

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An alternative the the approaches listed above is to create use Web Deployment Projects (2005 2008) for this. They support creating virtual directories as well a pre-compiliation out of the box.

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If you need to create both a virtual directory and an IIS application pool together you can do the following:

		AppPoolName ="$(AppPoolName)" 

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An alternative could be MSBuild Community Tasks it has the WebDirectoryCreate task that accomplishes the same thing.

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Thanks Bas. We have MSBuild Community Tasks already integrated to our project. We will use that. – Bikash Jul 10 '09 at 7:39

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