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as the title already mentions, i want to set a property (to be more specific: the warning level) for every newly created project to 4.

What i have done so far: 1. Opened Property Manager->Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.User 2. Under C/C++: changed warning level to 4 and treat all warnings as errors 3. clicked on the save icon

This should have done it, but everytime I create a new empty project and add a new c++-file to it, when i now open the project settings: the warning level is back to the standard value (3)... When i now open the property page again it is still set to 4 (like i want it to)...

Why does VS not apply the correct settings to my new projects?

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I regret trying to answer this question, no idea what a "Generic C++ Project" might look like. Yes, the property sheet you edited sets the default but project wizards override it. Tinkering with these wizards is an undocumented and unsupported feature. Post a feature request to – Hans Passant Jun 10 '12 at 21:43

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