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i'm trying to connect via SSH within a bash-script.

Here's my script:


    while read line; do  
  user=$(echo $line | cut -d\= -f1)

  if [ "$1" = "$user" ]; then
        ip=$(echo $line | cut -d\= -f2)
        ssh -t -t -X "$ip"  
done < $file_table

exit 1

I'm holding in the list.txt some aliases like: "name1=", "name2=" and so one.

The Problem: The SSH connection isn't waiting. It's just ask for password and if the connection is established it's contintue at the script (exit 1). I tried the commands "wait" or with background job and "fg %1" but nothing worked.

Note: I don't want execute command after the connection is established. I wan't hold the connection until i've quit.

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When ssh is run in a while loop with stdin redirected, it can appear to get hung. Try one of the following:

ssh -t -t -n -X "$ip"


ssh -t -t -X "$ip" </dev/null


ssh -t -t -f -X "$ip"

By the way, instead of using cut, you can read directly into your variables:

while IFS== read -r user ip

Why are you doing exit 1? Non-zero indicates failure.

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"When ssh is run in a while loop with stdin redirected, it can appear to get hung." <- That's it. thanks for the advice's – Timo Jun 9 '12 at 16:54

Possible Problems with SSH

Maybe you have an alias or function that's sending SSH into the background, or there's something else going on in your SSH configuration file. I tested with a simplified loop that explicitly turns off aliases, and it works fine for me at the shell prompt:

# Loop without the other stuff.
while true; do
    command ssh -o ControlPersist=no -o ControlPath=none localhost

You can always try set -x to see what Bash is doing to your command line, and ssh -v for more verbose output.

Possible Problems with Shell Redirection

After considering one of the alternate answers, I agree that another related problem is the redirection of stdin. This works for me, even with stdin redirected into the loop:

# Generic example of bullet-proofing the redirection of stdin.
while true; do
    ssh  -o ControlPersist=no -o ControlPath=none localhost < $TTY
done < /dev/null

With that in mind, your original loop could be cleaned up and rewritten as:

while IFS== read -r user ip; do
    [[ "$user" == "$1" ]] && ssh -ttX "$user@$ip" < $TTY
done < "${HOME}/.scripts/list.txt"
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There is no alias and i'm not changed anything in the SSH config. With your code example it is the same behavior.. With -x and -v i could'nt see anything special. – Timo Jun 9 '12 at 15:32

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