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I have been looking at generation pcap-files myself, from application log-files. (I figured that Wireshark would be a good tool for analyzing how network traffic has bounced around in the system.)

However, the believed simple task seems hard. I have the network data (SIP-data in my case). I should then wrap this data with IP+UDP header and also the pcap-headers. This seemed easy, but somehow I just fail. When I open the pcap in Wireshark all headers are just mushed.

If I give up, is there a library I can use to do the writing of pcap files?
(All libraries I have find seem to focus on captioning from device to file. I dont have a device here...)

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There is a managed library called SharpPcap, which is a wrapper around libpcap, to interface with pcap files. Using that library you should be cable of both reading and 'capturing' packets. The classes/functions of interest would be CaptureFileWriterDevice and perform SendPacket or alternatively Write operations for each packet you want to record.

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Here is a more detailed description of how I finally solved the issue. bitlearn.blogspot.se/2012/06/at-work-we-have-our-telephony.html – leiflundgren Jun 19 '12 at 21:24

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