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How can I tell if a class instance method and function are the same?

I have a simple class that uses a decorator:

class Hello:

    def world(self):

And these are my decorators:

# A global variable
global_func = None

def decorate_func(func):
    global_func = func
    return func

def decorate_class(clazz):
    print clazz.__dict__["world"] == global_func
    return clazz

The above returns False, possible because type(func) in decorate_func is function, but in decorate_class it is instancemethod. But printing both of them gives me:

<function world at 0x7f490e59ce60>

As in, the same memory address. How do I compare them to know that they are the same function? Is comparing by the memory address safe (and correct)?

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at least global global_func is missing in decorate_func() –  J.F. Sebastian Jun 9 '12 at 15:32
Another one of my stupid errors. Thank you so much, sir :) –  Rohan Prabhu Jun 9 '12 at 15:33

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Your problem here is actually your use of global_func.

If you change decorate_class to:

def decorate_class(clazz):
    print global_func, clazz.__dict__["world"] == global_func
    return clazz

You'll see that global_func is None.

To fix this, explicitly declare global_func as global in decorate_func:

def decorate_func(func):
    global global_func
    global_func = func
    return func

And everything will work.

This is (basically) because Python assumes that, if you assign to a variable in a function, that variable is assumed to be local to that function, unless it is explicitly declared to be global.

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Well, I got that fixed as J.F. Sebastian mentioned it in the comments and it solved it. But since you mentioned it as an answer I'll mark it as one. Thank you so much for your time :) –  Rohan Prabhu Jun 10 '12 at 16:45

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