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I'm trying to transform a static image to give the illusion of it being taken from different angles. It seems like warpPerspective and warpAffine are the functions I should understand to make this work. However, even after read the OpenCV docs, I'm having difficulty understanding them.

What tutorials/docs should I read that explain them very well?

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warpPerspective does a projective transformation or homography:

warpAffine does an affine transformation:

Abid Rahman, already mentioned a good book. If you want a more theoretical one, Multiple View Geometry is considered the bible of these topics.

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You didn't mention the language you use.

  1. OpenCV documentation has got diagramatic explanation of these functions and that is really good.

  2. Apart from that, OpenCV also got a tutorial on this with working C++ code. : Affine Transformations

    ( If you use Python, find it here : Affine Transform)

  3. And Gary Bradsky's book "Learning OpenCV" has got a good explanation of this, if you like, on page 163. You can read it from "Google Books"

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Just got the book and reading it. Thanks. – John Bartost Jun 9 '12 at 18:05

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