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I get Cannot open file "FooTest.php"

I am using PHP 5.4.0 and PHPUnit 3.6 on Windows

I have traced the issue back to PHPUnit\Util\Filesystem.php when it calls get_include_path which contains "." and the location to pear.

For some reason it doesn't resolve . to where the tests are as it resolves it locally to the PHPUnit location.

How do I get phpunit to recognise the location of the tests.

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First make also sure your PHPUnit installation and all dependencies are up-to-date:

pear upgrade phpunit/PHPUnit --alldeps

In case your pear installation is messed up you can also obtain it from the github repository.

Depending on how your project and enviroment is set up make sure your current directory is your projects directory.

cd /your/projects/home/directory/

The common syntax to invoke phpunit is either

phpunit [switches] <your_unit_test.php>


phpunit [switches] <directory>

So, basically in case your tests are stored within directory YourUnitTests the easiest way to start it would be just to use

phpunit YourUnitTests
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I don't have this behaviour, but I'm currently using php 5.3 on my test enviroment. Maybe open a bug report here: , so the dev can take a look at this behaviour. – Bjoern Jun 11 '12 at 7:57

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