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Redirecting to an internal URL seems to be possible by using the redirect() method in the controller.

public static Result index() {
  return redirect(routes.Application.tasks());

However I want to redirect to an external URL in the controller. redirect(String) method accepts only internal URLs as parameter.

What I require is Play framework equivalent of standard Java servlet redirect i.e.

request.sendRedirect(String url)
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Sometimes simplest solution just... works:

return redirect("http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10962694");

It's also worth to use other availabe redirects such as

  • seeOther(String url)
  • movedPermanently(String url)
  • temporaryRedirect(String url)


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Hey Marcus, thanks for your answer. The 3 other methods you mentioned are working fine for me. However, the simple solution, redirect(String) gives me this error - Execution exception [StackOverflowError: null]. – manish_s Jun 9 '12 at 18:37
@ManishKumar eeechhhh.... this is method's declaration... that means you need to insert some String there ie String url="http://domain.tld"; return seeOther(url); or return seeOther("http://domain.tld"); – biesior Jun 9 '12 at 18:45

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