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We are a small company and would like to have a Content & Doc management features (such as version control, custom lists, workflow, alerts, feeds, blogs, wikis, forums, good integrated search) which are most commonly found in SharePoint. But we cannot use SharePoint due to its cost, complexity, and high maintenance.

Search feature which supports most common doc formats (e.g. pdf, MS Office & Open Office file formats) is crucial since we have a lot of legacy stuff in these formats & we need to give ourselves one place from where we can organize & search all our content.

Please suggest alternatives to SharePoint.

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You may have a point about maintenance, but Windows SharePoint Services are free (unlike SharePoint Server). And, in general, unless you're doing major portal customization, I didn't find it troublesome to deploy and maintain either. –  Pavel Minaev Jul 8 '09 at 6:55

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Of course, you have to chose for yourself what best fits your interests.

But I think Alfresco is a very good application.

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mindquarry.com is a dead link –  AlexanderN Apr 11 '11 at 0:36

I also see no reason to turn the back on Windows SharePoint Services, which only requires a Windows Server 2003/2008 license. Moreover, you can also get Enterprise Search support for free using Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, which is essentially WSS plus the MOSS 2007 Enterprise Search Engine (BDC and People search not included). Hence, just install MSS2008 and you got all you need.

Chosing SharePoint will also give you the benefit of a huge community you can turn to for help.

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One thing to mention that regardless of initial cost, deployment, complexity and maintenance are all the big costs for an enterprise application like this. These are things you'll have to deal with regardless of your chosen platform.

If you're a Microsoft stack based company (MS Office, Server, Exchange etc.), the real benefit of SharePoint is the integration with the rest of their products, so you might find there's more work (=cost) doing this yourself with another package, rather than just paying up to Microsoft..

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I would recommend you to a product called Centralpoint by Oxcyon.com I have implemented nearly 35 CMS and Portal solutions in the last 9 years, including Vignette, Sharepoint (mostly), Ektron, Sitecore and DNN (Dot Net Nuke). Centralpoint is probabaly the best thing out their with rich Taxonomy, AUdience and roles based filteration,. They also integrate directly with Active Directory/LDAP, allowing only the right people to access the right docs, based on roles.

The tool is highly configurable in terms of design, layout, and they have 230+ modules also available on insteall. Frankly it is more funcitonality that I need to most individual installs, but its precisely what I need (in the toolbelt) for ALL installs...

Check em out....it is www.oxcyon.com

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Take a look at Confluence and maybe some of the 37signals offerrings.

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Confluence is only free for Non-profits and Open Source projects –  Rich Seller Jul 8 '09 at 6:49

Why not go for Windows SharePoint Services. It's free, has most of the features you need and can be fully extended.

Otherwise, there's Google Wave, it's still in preview though.

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Well, there isn't Google Wave anymore –  OutputLogic Dec 9 '10 at 18:53
Updating broken link in this post: technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/sharepoint/… –  OutputLogic Dec 9 '10 at 18:55

Nuxeo DM is an open source document management system that provides version control, metadata, search, file plan, vocabularies, workflow, alerts, feeds, blogs, wikis, forum, etc.

It knows how to index and preview PDF, MS-OfFice and OpenOffice.org content.

It is freely available under the LGPL, and supported via subscription contracts.

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I've just been looking at Mojo Portal (See website). It seems like a basic version of SharePoint where users can easily edit pages and add content including Lists. It does not seem to have version control up to standard of SharePoint. Also the MySite feature seems defunct. I've used Share Point previously and it seems best in league at present.

A good starting point is Microsoft Web Platform Installers which gives you quite a few CMS applications you can download including Mojo, Joomla. All free and Opensource. Joomla seems a lot more complicated than mojo portal.


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