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I would like VBA to read that column, and then output values into a new column based on conditions:- I want to find the values which define the top 33% of the values and the bottom 33% values in the column being read. For example, if the value in column A is between 1,2,3,4,5,6 my answers are 2 and 5 to be shown in columns B and C. I want to use this for input columns of variable length.

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What have you tried so far? The question isn't very clear, I'm afraid. Seeing your existing code -- and possibly an image of the result you want -- would definitely help. –  Andrew Leach Jun 9 '12 at 20:08
find the values which define the top 33% of the values and the bottom 33% values How did you arrive at 2 and 5? Shouldn't it be 1,2 for bottom And 5,6 for top 33%? –  Siddharth Rout Jun 9 '12 at 21:26
By defining the top 33% I mean the value x such that top 33% values are >= x. so I want x, y such that top 33% values>=x and bottom 33%<=y. so the code takes an array of column values as input and then sorts and finds the values x, y. I want to know how to read a variable length column from worksheet and then write the output values to the sheet. –  Sujay Prasad Srivastava Jun 9 '12 at 23:51

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A solution would be:

  1. Pull the values in an integer array
  2. Sort the array using some sorting algorithm(in case the values are not in ascending/descending order)
  3. Remove duplicates if any.
  4. Get the values by using a simple formula involving array length.
  5. Put the values in required cells.
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