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In the app i'm working on, an image is displayed to the user which is gotten from a website. I want the app to have an option to save the image to gallery. From what i figure, since the image is displayed on the screen (and hence, has already been 'downloaded' to the phone), i shouldn't have to download it again for saving it to the phone (essentially specifying the URL of the image on the website as the image's source). Is there a way to get the get the source (path) of the image?

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I wrote one app while ago, it was about testing downloading an image from the web and putting it into Image control. And what surprised me a lot - after first download an image I was able to turn off wifi and after that image was still showing. I think WP7 have quiet good cache or something and maybe if U ask second time about the same URL U'll receive temporary file from cache instead downloading it again...

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I researched a bit and found out that once an image has been downloaded from a url, it isn't downloaded again and is retrieved from the cache automatically. So, that leaves my question answered. You were correct kingsvid!

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