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I'm making a simple .fla in flash professional cs5 that has a List component. I then want to export this .fla from flash professional into flash builder where I have my real program code.

Then I would like to be able to dynamically add text elements to the list, as well as having an event listener.

I know that the instance name of the List in cs5 can be used in the actionscript3 code but I'm not sure how I am suppose to export/import it to be able to do this.

I appreciate any help!

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You have several choices:

  1. Create a swf, and compile that entire swf into the Flex project
  2. Create a swf and compile just the symbol(s) you are using into the Flex project
  3. Create a swf and dynamically load it into a swfloader
  4. Create a swc

For the embedding solutions, check here

For dynamic loading, see here and here

If you want to make a swc, look here

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