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im trying to create a badge system similar to stackoverflows. i noticed that stackoverflow is able to send a notification to another user. for example, if i create a question, and 10 people upvoted my question, i receive a badge, not the current_user doing the upvoting.

how can i do that in rails? it seems sending a message to another user is out of the scope of flash messages. i did some research and maybe the faye gem seems like a possibility? however im not positive though. i was watching the railscasts and it seemed maybe better for a chatting system? is push-notification the way to go?

what would be a good way to do this? thank you

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I can suggest to use this gem:

It is well handle with this problem, but it has two drawbacks:

  1. Documentation on russian

  2. Binding to the gritter

If you choose to use it, see what version of gritter you use. As I remember, the version of original gritter gone forward a bit.

This part of code does what you need.

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