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Running a C# program with mono under Cent OS. There is a fifo that allows external input to go into this program.

I also have cat to accept input from the screen session the mono program is running in.

#! /bin/bash -
echo "Starting server"
mono --gc=sgen Server-CLI.exe < $fifo &
echo $$ > $PIDFILE
cat > $fifo
echo "Server stopped. Cleaning up"
rm -f $fifo
rm -f $PIDFILE

How can I make cat exit whenever the mono program exits? Right now if the mono program exits, cat is still running so the script never reaches the 2nd echo.

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Save the PID of mono. Run cat in the background and save its PID. wait for the PID of mono. When this is satisfied, kill the PID of cat.

mono &
cat &
wait "$monoPID"
kill "$catPID"
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This works! One side effect though, is that the screen session gets spammed with ">" repeatedly (making output unviewable). I am guessing it is some side effect from running cat in background. Any clue on how to stop this? Thanks for answering my initial question though!! –  Dequ Jun 10 '12 at 6:52
@Dequ: Are you doing cat > "$fifo" instead of my lazy placeholder version. I should have spelled out the commands completely. You shouldn't be getting ">" in the output. –  Dennis Williamson Jun 10 '12 at 11:07
Yes I am using cat > "$fifo". I now believe that it is caused by the Server-CLI.exe program as a result of running cat in the background. For whatever reason, Server-CLI.exe has a ">" at the bottom signifying where input is typed. Never-mind this issue anymore, as it seems only a change in the Server-CLI.exe code will fix it. Thanks for affirming that I shouldn't be getting ">" as a result of cat, it made me go back and find something I overlooked. –  Dequ Jun 10 '12 at 21:08

you can get it from $!

(cat > $fifo)& 

kill -9 "$pid"
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cat doesn't die immediately when mono exits because it's waiting on its stdin. As soon as it has some data to send, it will die with a SIGPIPE signal, because the pipe no longer has a process connected to the other end.

Unfortunately I'm not a hardened select guru so I don't know offhand whether it's possible to write a "better" version of cat that checks both stdin and stdout and dies as soon as stdout's other end is closed.

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