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I want to determine #target's offset relative to #a in the following HTML document – i.e., I want to find the values of x and y:

jQuery has position(), but $("#target").position() returns #target's offset relative to its offset parent, which is #c (not #a)

I need a function that's equivalent to $.fn.position(), but instead returns the position relative to an "offset ancestor" of the target, rather than its direct offset parent. For example: $("#target").positionRelativeTo("#a")

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You can calculate it based on offset:

var topoffset = $('#target').offset().top - $('#a').offset().top;
var leftoffset = $('#target').offset().left - $('#a').offset().left;
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you could make use of .parentsUntil() and calculate the combined positions that way:

var x=0;
var y=0;


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Will this work even if #a has parents that have position: static? –  Horace Loeb Jun 9 '12 at 22:32
@HoraceLoeb i don't know for sure but i think it should –  Andy Jun 9 '12 at 22:34

Here's a jQuery extension I made for a project we're working on. I think this might be what you're looking for.

$.fn.relativePositionToAncestor = function (ancestor) {
    var positionedAncestor = $(ancestor);
    var object = $(this);

    var relativeOffset = { left: 0, top: 0 };

    var leftSpacing = parseInt(object.css("margin-left"));
    var topSpacing = parseInt(object.css("margin-top"));

    relativeOffset.left -= leftSpacing;
    relativeOffset.top -= topSpacing;

    var offsetParent = object.offsetParent();

    while (offsetParent[0] !== positionedAncestor[0] && !offsetParent.is('html')) {
        var offsetParentPosition = offsetParent.position();

        var offsetParentPositionLeft = offsetParentPosition.left;
        var offsetParentPositionTop = offsetParentPosition.top;

        relativeOffset.top -= offsetParentPositionTop;
        relativeOffset.left -= offsetParentPositionLeft;

        leftSpacing = parseInt(offsetParent.css("margin-left"));
        leftSpacing += parseInt(offsetParent.css("border-left-width"));
        topSpacing = parseInt(offsetParent.css("margin-top"));
        topSpacing += parseInt(offsetParent.css("border-top-width"));

        relativeOffset.left -= leftSpacing;
        relativeOffset.top -= topSpacing;

        offsetParent = offsetParent.offsetParent();
    return relativeOffset;
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