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I'm searching for a method to choose the first record of a grouped_collection_select, or to show " ALL " in the first choice.

<%= f.collection_select :marque_id, Marque.all, :id, :name_upper, :include_blank => 'ALL', :prompt => 'Mark' %>         
     <%= f.grouped_collection_select :modele_id, Marque.all, :modeles, :name_upper, :id, :name_upper, :prompt => 'Model', :include_blank => 'ALL' %> 

The " :include_blank => 'ALL' " work fine for the collection_select, but not for the grouped_collection_select.

For the grouped_collection_select, it only show a blank field at the first place.

I tried to put a blank record in the database, or to put " ALL " in the database with a lot of symbol like : " # ALL # " ... Didn't work with number ( 147, 156, 159 [...], # ALL #,...)


Or maybe I can add a field in each subcategories, and define that "First" ? But I want to keep everything ordering by "name ASC".

I already put

    default_scope order('name ASC')

in my Modele.rb

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I found how to do what I wanted.

I just had to add

$('#search_modele_id').preprend('<option value="" selected="selected">ALL</option>');

to my jQuery code, and put the value as " BLANK " (really important in my case).

And put

:include_blank => true

Instead of

:include_blank => 'ALL'

In the search form

Problem solved.

Thanks anyway!

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