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I am having an issue downloading a zip file from a website. I need to login first and then the site redirects to the download url.

After logging in as a user you are redirected to the download URL and once the download has started/completed you are redirected to the homepage.

Urlretreive is not fetching the download URL and instead is fetching the HTML of the homepage i.e. the final web page at the end of the redirect chain.

Below is the code I currently have.

url = "http://www.idplr.com/members/protect/new-rewrite?f=11&url=/downloads/ebooks/gold/DatingDoAndDont.zip"
print url
form_data = {'amember_login': 'myLogin', 'amember_pass': 'myPassword'}
params = urllib.urlencode(form_data)
urllib.urlretrieve(url,"C:\\fileName.zip", data=params)
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Why presumably? Why not look at the downloaded contents with a text editor and know what you've downloaded? –  sarnold Jun 9 '12 at 23:59
Apologies, checked that and urlretrieve is actually fetching the HTML of the homepage which is the page you are redirected to after the download is complete, the question has been updated. –  Mark Collier Jun 10 '12 at 0:08

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