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Is there any way to support flurry for desktop applications or is there any other tool out there. I prefer Flurry as I'm using it for my mobile applications.


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As of now Flurry provides no tool to track desktop applications. (Disclaimer: I work in the Support team at Flurry)

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Does flurry have a REST API, so I cah route tracking to my server, from PHP, or directly from the application somehow? I will lost the geo tracking for sure but that's why we have custom events :) –  Петър Петров Nov 27 at 15:14

Check out Trackerbird Software Analytics. It is designed specifically for tracking Windows & MacOS Desktop applications. You get native APIs to cover .NET, C++, Obj-C, Python.

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with company.

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There's a nice official tutorial written by Flurry team here.
Basically you'll need the Flurry Windows SDK and need to register with flurry and you're good to go.


Well the tutorial and SDK was for Windows Phone. There's no Windows desktop SDK for flurry. But I guess it should work on Windows 8 desktop too, if they release it on Windows 8. The current SDK is for Windows Phone 7 only. Thanks vidstige for the correction.

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actually this is completely wrong. Your link event points to a desciption on how to use flurry on a Windows Phone. –  vidstige Oct 16 '12 at 12:31
Thanks, made the edit to clarify. Actually they've changed the page title to "Windows Phone", earlier it was just "Windows" at the time of posting this answer. –  noob Oct 17 '12 at 0:14

MarkedUp Analytics provides desktop analytics for Windows 8 apps (WinRT / WinJS.) Doesn't support traditional Win32 / WPF / WinForms apps though.

Disclaimer - I work at MarkedUp.

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