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I have been working on a card game in python 3.2 and am not sure about how to instantiate separate players. The game can have anywhere from 2 players to 8 players. I was thinking I could use brute force and have something like:

   players = int(input('how many players?: ))
   if players ==2:
       p1 = Player()
       p2 = Player()
   elif players ==3:
       p1 = Player()
       p2 = Player()
       p3 = Player()
   elif players ==4:
       p1 = Player()
       p2 = Player()
       p3 = Player()
       p4 = Player()


that seems dirty. Is there a cleaner way of getting around this?

Thank you.

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Use a list and a for loop:

players = int (input ('how many players?: '))
if not 2 <= players <= 8:
  <raise an exception or something>

p = []
for _ in range (players):
  p.append (Player())

Now you have a list of players that you can do what you like with.

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And this of course would need a try/catch around the first line for if the user puts in something stupid. And all sorts of other input checking is always recommended, though I'm guessing this is a hack-together-for-fun type of program, so you can probably live without it. – lxop Jun 10 '12 at 6:42

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