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I have this XML problem that is bugging me today, and I can't find a solution because I don't know how to phrase it. My XML file looks like this:


Everything works fine (i can find a random element, display or erase it) and can get the information I want, but the only thing that I cannot access the with myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0], which shoud say "0123". I get nothing, no error, nothing. When I check myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0].ITEM_SIZE (when put in a String Var, I get "Medium" ).

I thought perhaps the XML was misleading so I tried with another file:

      <ITEM_ID REF="0123">

Which gave me the same results, when checking for myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0].REF or myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0].REF.text

Anyone kind enough to enlighten me?

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Your first XML schema seems to be a little off, but valid nonetheless. You might want to try children() method of the nodes.

myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0].children()[0] // This is the text node

In the other example, which is more readable in fact, you should use @ sign for accessing attributes


Here is a complete example:

var test:XML = new XML(
        <bar id="4444">
        <bar id="4445">

trace([0].children()[0]); // efghi
trace([1].@id); // 4445
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ah thank you ever so much, this was exactly what I was looking for. The reason the XML Schema is a bit weird is that by using this, I can manage to remove a node with: delete myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0].parent().children() [myXML_XML.ITEM_ID[0].childIndex()} – Nik Jun 10 '12 at 8:06
but I also needed to record somewhere what I deleted (the ITEM_ID[0]) which I could not access. Thank you a million for making the @ clear to me in your example. Nik – Nik Jun 10 '12 at 8:13
Glad it was useful. :) – erkmene Jun 10 '12 at 10:09

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