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I have my project folder, for instance, myWeb. In it there are various folders like styles (for CSS), scripts (JS), php (for php scripts), and folders for 3 different languages, for instance: en(english), sp (spanish), cn (chinese). This sometimes gives me problems because the index or default page should be in the root directory but all my index pages are inside their language folder.

Is there a better way of organizing this?

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What about JS and PHP scripts which also could be language depended?

I would try to use HTTP header accepted language and use web server to choose and serve correct version of page.

This of course doesn't solve all problems with site using many languages -- i.e. duplicate scripts for each language version (this could be solved with gettext like functions).

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For my own part I dont have to organise it like that since I'm using gettext to translate to the requested locale. Although I use python & django the same thing can be applied in php.

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