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I have decided to use ExpressJS with CoffeeScript and Stylus. Usually when I work with CoffeeScript, I do a coffee --watch and something similar for Compass/SASS. Here, since CoffeeScript and Stylus are available as a NPM package, I was thinking if its possible to write CoffeeScript and Stylus and have Node/Express compile them when required? This way I wont need a watcher anymore.

Also when I create an express app using express -c stylus, in app.js I get additional:

app.use(require('stylus').middleware({ src: __dirname + '/public' }));

What does it actually do? It doesn't appear to compile my CSS? When I put

    background: red

into the default style.styl file, restart server, it doesn't appear to show

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Ok so theres connect-assets for this exact purpose. Now I am still looking for something for server side ...

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try to set

var stylus = require('stylus');

 src: __dirname + '/public',
 compile: function(str, path) {
  return stylus(str)
    .set('filename', path)
    .set('compress', false)
    .set('warn', true);

This compile function is not required, but without it the styl files don't get compiled..

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