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I am writing an application for Android, and at this stage, I need help of an experienced programmer (I am only a beginner). Wrote a program to display the currently used base station (CellID and LAC), and display a list of neighboring base stations. Now came the next question - how to disable the phone to receive the signal from a particular base station, ie for example, is it possible to disable gsm connection for a given CellID? Are there any for this class and method.

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I'm not android programmer, but 100% sure you can not selectively control your GSM radio to use/disable particular BTS.

GSM radio has own firmware which do not expose functions like that.

You can list available BTS in range and make selection based on operator ID aka MCC-MNC,

then GSM radio will bind primary to BTS of selected operator, or it will use roaming BTS (local or international).

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