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@class CLLocationManager;

@interface CLLocationController : NSObject 
   CLLocationManager *locationManager; 

@property (nonatomic, retain) CLLocationManager *locationManager;


When i write above code is shows me following errors

error: CLLocationManager.h: No such file or directory warning: receiver 'CLLocationManager' is a forward class and corresponding @interface may not error: accessing unknown 'delegate' component of a property

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Why are you declaring your own classes with the CL prefix?

Also, the error has nothing to do with the code you showed; it refers to the #import line in your implementation file. You're probably doing something like this:

#import "CLLocationManager.h"

instead of the correct way:

#import <CoreLocation/CoreLocation.h>

Don't import individual headers from a framework directly—import its top-level header and let that give you what you need. If compilation is getting to take too long, move the #import to your prefix header and make sure you have “Precompile Prefix Header” turned on.

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Also, don't forget you have to actually add the CoreLocation framework to your app. To do this, double click on your target, go to the first tab, and click the + button in the lower left. This will bring up a list of available frameworks. Find CoreLocation.framework, and click "OK".

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